No one clicks on your banners anymore?

We’re here to help. Don’t rely on your customers coming to you.
Bring your experience to them instead.


How does it work?


We will review your site and choose the the best elements for your ad.


We will prepare campaign strategy and develop custom creatives, which work as micro site in standard banner positions.


We will run a targeted campaign to engage selected audiences.

Benefits of campaigning with Etarget :

Maximizing reach

Interactive banners have a much larger reach than the website landing page.


No extra fee

The development of interactive banners is included in the media buying budget.

Precise targeting

All types of targeting are available: audience, geo, context, device, remarketing.

Time effective

Our experienced well-orchestrated team of strategists, designers, and developers work effectively.


Every campaign is precisely reported by impressions, CTR, engagement rate, and exposed audience.

Custom demo for free

We prepare a campaign strategy and live custom banner demo free of charge. Don’t hesitate to ask.

What We do for You


We create the strategy of the campaign  in line with customer goals and their website’s content and design.

Banner development

We combine the skills of developers and specialists for programmatic buying to create unique banners with special features, which are compatible with the advertising ecosystem.

Media planning

Our five years experience of in programmatic buying help us to find brand safety, viewable, and price-effective media space.

Campaign management

We use Xandr DSP to buy the best-suited media space for our customers on desktops, mobiles, and in-apps.

Data collect and use

We collect data about the engagement of users with our banners. We can use those data to target users with specific messages based on the way of interaction with the banner.


We are transparent. We report all data including engagement rate. The customer knows at any moment, how is campaign performing..

What You will get

Great agencies create great design and nice ads but when it comes to delivery, they are often limited by technology. That´s why we build a team of developers and martech specialists to help digital agencies generate more impact through interactive ads that work.

Better customer experience with ads


Better memorability of your campaing


Measurable impact of ads


Unique data for Remarketing


Our clients

We are helping digital agencies, media buying agencies and digital creative studios to run online campaigns with interactive banners for their customers.

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